Mt. Carmel Shrine Mortuary Chapel Rates

*Please take note that the rates may change, so please get in touch with the Mortuary Office for any price adjustments

Mt. Carmel Chapel

P15,000.00 per day
150 person sitting capacity

St. Joseph Chapel/Holy Family Chapel

P8,000.00 per day
50-60 person sitting capacity

Other Services

Inscription of Names - P25.00 per letter
Crypt Lobby Masses P500.00
Notarization of Contract (per niche) P1,000.00 per contract
Priest's Stipend P1,000.00 per mass

Chapel Masses (rental fee)

Mt. Carmel Chapel P1,500.00 per hour
Holy Family Chapel P800.00 per hour
St. Joseph Chapel P800.00 per hour

Please call (632) 727-0814